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    Money Club

    Money Club is NOT about playing the patriarchal capitalist empire's game of trading time and life energy for survival, creating profit that costs the Earth, other human and other-than-human species and the future.


    Money Club IS about creating non-material value and delivering it, as High-Level Fun, discovering and adventuring as Archetypal forces work though you.


    Money Club is a Gaian Gameworld.


    Don't get stuck playing in a stupid Gameworld.


  • The Bright Principles of Money Club are:


    Clarity. Inspiration. Creation. 

    Radical Responsibility. 


    Winning Happening. 

    Teamwork. High Level Fun.

  • Flow Power, Possibility Management

    What Happens in Money Club?

    Be ready for anything.

    ~ Starting and starting over with First Position: become centred and grounded, and set your personal bubble of space. Have your Gremlin on their leash, a source of non-linear possibility.
    ~ Discovery of unconscious Money Stories. Creating new stories.
    ~ Consciously Feeling about our stories and circumstances.
    ~ DOing Processes and Experiments.
    ~ Sharing gold and Legends from Processes and Experiments.
    ~ Asking for and Creating Possibilities for Next Steps.
    Flowing Power:  in forms/currencies that include but are not limited to money.
    ~ and more.
    Gaian Gameworlds, Possibility Management

    Experimenting With Gaian Gameworld Currencies

    Discover your true non-material value.

    Upgrade your Thoughtware to become Experientially Aware of the many True Value Currencies that YOU ARE and YOU CAN USE every day. 

    By making your Value conscious you can stop devaluing yourself, and at the same time creating more value.

    Gaian Currencies include:

    Collaborate to more effectively use each person's Value to build bridges into next culture - Archiarchy - the culture that naturally emerges after Matriarchy and Patriarchy have run their course.

    Money Club Experimenters Group

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    Telegram Group

    A group of Money Club Participants, Money Club Space holders-in-the-Making for whom the Money Part is an edge. Join here.

  • Julia on Money Club


    PM Trainer, Julia Neumann, fresh out of a Money Club call.

  • Exiting Money Scarcity:

     a video series with Money Club Experimenter, Gabriel lechemin

    Watch the whole series HERE

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    Nicole Hartley Bradford

    Originator of Money Club


    My Money Story...

    As a kid, I was often told, when I wanted something, "we can't afford it." Money was something other people had, and I didn't. I unconsciously decided to make do. I unconsciously decided a lot of things.

    During my schooling years, my parents wanted me to focus on doing well in school. I didn't need to focus on doing well in school. I was bored and scared in school because the work was easy and there was bullying. I baby sat and I did chores at home to have money. I used the unconscious anger from my boredom to buy things I wanted that my parents didn't want to buy for me: clothes (I got them from thrift shops), junk food, and then other foods that were not junk, magazines, and I went to and rented movies.

    My parents were both teachers and took me and my brothers travelling a lot when we were kids. On small budgets! I am glad about this.

    I was empowered to travel and explore in later life, and to not need lots of money to do it.

    My parents matched the high school scholarships I won , dollar for dollar so I could travel after high school graduation for 6 months.

    When I got back, my first paid job was serving tables. Next I worked as a staff member at a kids wilderness camp. I only wanted to do jobs I loved. I only ever found jobs I liked. I went tree planting, and for a while I worked for free to become a paid model. I got a contract to do modelling in Japan, but by then I was already so sickened by my agent's obsession with the ways my body wasn't perfect; I was eating only two small meals a day, not to stay skinny, but because I was making do. I turned down modelling in Japan and went back to tree planting.

    Then, by accident, I got the most important job in the world. The one that some people spend thousands of dollars to have. It's a hard one, because you don't get holidays, or breaks or any pay.

    In fact if you want any time off you have to pay someone else to do your job for you.


    This job is called Motherhood.


    Motherhood was my favourite job in the world. I devoted myself to my children growing into the fullest expressions of themselves, intending to honour how nature designed humans. I become ever more at odds with modern culture; I home-birthed, nursed, learned alongside and with my children on beaches, river trails and in gardens and campgrounds while their dads grappled with how to be men and fathers, and 'providers'.

    After 10 years of single motherhood, and 11 years of married motherhood, I bent under the pressure to do it all as a mother: the being with, the patience, the space holding, the grocery shopping, the cooking, the cleaning, the laundry, the accounting, the driving, the nursing, the social training, the emotional support, the homework enforcement, the house looking good, the proper exercise regimes, the after school activities, the pleasing, supporting and managing and defending myself against the husband who wanted me to GO AND WORK. To earn money.

    I broke down. I lost my marriage, my home and,

    in an everyday way, my children.

    I thought it was because I didn't know how to make money and be the mother I wanted to be at the same time.


    In retrospect, I see that when I came of age, the Authentic Adult Initiations I instinctively knew were supposed to happen did not, and parts of me remained in a child ego state, in scarcity, giving my center, my Authority, away. Becoming a Mother on the edge of modern culture, without a village, gave me a lot of practice being resourceful and self-reliant but living in the scarcity story cost me almost everything.

    I became a village weaver, a gatherer of community, a community house originator, a space holder for people having hard times, all for no or low pay. I couldn't seem to shift my patterns around money.

    This changed profoundly when I encountered Possibility Management, full of distinctions, tools, thoughtmaps and processes for evolving consciousness and creating Gaian Gameworlds.


    Emotional Healing Processes, Initiations and thoughtware upgrades started to happen, and I shifted from "making do," to CREATION.


    Becoming Money became a terrifying and extraordinary adventure that I wanted to share, so I created Money Club.

  • Money Club Spaceholder Incubator

    A Possibility alive in Money Club is to become a Money Club Spaceholder, maybe first as a Money Club Organizer, Apprentice, or to Jump Right In. Here are some of the Money Club Experimenters experimenting with one or more of these possibilities:

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    Jorge (Canada)

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    Annika (Finland)

    Kristoffer (Germany)

    Isabel (Brazil)

  • Money Club Experiments

    Tell Your Money Story as a Victim Story

    On paper, in a digital document, or by recording yourself (audio or video), tell your Money Story as a victim story. Consciously ham it up so that it is a story of woe and suffering. Use worlds like 'always' and 'never'. Make persecutors out of as many people or institutions as possible, and out of any rescuers who failed to rescue you properly.


    Read it out loud to yourself, or listen to or watch the recording.


    Notice how you feel from telling and witnessing your story this way, and make a record of this, too. Make special note of any emotions that you feel, and use them for the next experiment.


    Heal Your Emotions About Money

    Contact a Conscious Feelings Practitioner who holds space for Emotional Healing Processes and bring you notes about the emotions you noted from telling your Money Story as a Victim.


    Use these emotions as doorways for Emotional Healing Processes. Tell your Money Club Teammates the new decisions and experiments that come from the processes.



    Tell You Money Story as a Radically Responsible Story

    Write or record your Money Story, this time from the perspective that you chose to live this story. Even when you want to resist saying, "I chose...." about this or that part of it, say it anyways.


    Read aloud, or listen to or watch the recording. Notice how you feel as you do so.


    Write about this.


    Compare it to how things went in the first experiment.

    Renounce Your Victim Story about Money

    Which story do you want to chose about Money? The victim version or the responsible version?


    If you chose the responsible version, create a high drama conscious theatre ritual to officially renounce the victim version of your story and step into the new story.


    Perform this ritual in the company of witnesses, from Money Club and from your life, as you wish.


    Decide How You Would Spend a Million Dollars

    Decide what you would do if you received a million dollars, NOW.


    "If I had a million dollars today, I would...".


    Think it through, take it seriously.


    Write it down. Look at it in a week, and make any edits.


    Look at it in another week, and make any more edits.


    Find Out What 5 Friends Would Do with a Million Dollars

    Choose five friends and tell each of them that you have decided what you would do if you had a million dollars.


    Tell them that you want to share your plan with them, and you want to hear their plan, too, but not until they have it written down or recorded.


    Make one to five dates to exchange plans.


    Keep the date(s), exchange plans.


    Invite your friends to Money Club.

    Create Twice as Much Money

    Find out, to the last cent, how much money you created in the last 30 days.


    Choose someone in your Money Club with whom you will make a Pirate Agreement to create twice as much money in the next 30 days. Make the stakes so that if you fall short, the amount of money that you did make over last month's amount will go to a cause so that Winning is still Happening, even if you 'lose'.


    If you 'lose', and if you 'win', write about what you learned and share it with your Money Club.


    Start over.


    NOTE: This website is a Bubble in the Bubble Map of the free-to-play massively-multiplayer online-and-offline thoughtware-upgrade matrix-building personal-transformation real-life adventure-game called StartOver.xyz. It is a doorway to experiments that upgrade your thoughtware so you can relocate your point of origin and create more possibility. Your knowledge is what you think about. Your thoughtware is what you use to think with. When you change your thoughtware, you go through a liquid state as your mind reorganizes itself. Liquid states can bring up transformational feelings and emotions. By upgrading your thoughtware you build matrix to hold more consciousness and leave behind a low drama life of reactivity. No one can upgrade your thoughtware for you. More interestingly, no one can stop you from upgrading your thoughtware. Our theory is that when we collectively build 1,000,000 new Matrix Points we will change the morphogenetic field of the human race for the better. Please choose responsibly to read this website. Reading this whole website is worth 1 Matrix Point. Doing any of the experiments earns you additional Matrix Points. Please use Matrix Code MONYCLUB.00 to log your Matrix Point for reading this website on StartOver.xyz. Thank you for playing full out!